About us

We are a Chilean non-profit foundation focusing our effort on Palestinian children to remain as children. This huge challenge involves working for their future, their families and helping improve their current living conditions, mainly in the areas of education, health and recreation. Diverse and permanent actions have been implemented thanks to our collaborators’ contribution conformed mainly by members of the Arab community and gradually by Chileans supporting humanitarian aid for the Palestinian people.

Board of Directors

José Said
Alberto Kassis
Mario Nazal
René Abumohor
Odde Rishmagüe
Maurice Khamis
Gonzalo Said
Fernando Lolas
Paulina Yarur
Paulina Ready

Why do we exist?

Children are children all over the world, but in Palestine they live a different reality

Despite how complex it can be to understand the nearly 70 years of this conflict, this question is easy to answer. Since the beginning of the occupation of the Palestinian territory in 1948, its people have been victims of permanent violations of the Human Rights resulting in ethnic cleansing, unjustified imprisonments, mass expulsion and usurpation of territories, the presence of militarized controls, territories blocked by sky, sea and land, construction of a wall of more than 500 kilometres long and 8 meters high that divides families and hinders freedom of movement for 70% of the Palestinian population. While all its inhabitants suffer as a result of this occupation, the main victims are the children who represent the future of Palestine and which today make up half of the population.

Although the UN has recognized as inalienable the rights of the Palestinian people to self-determination, when they return to their homes, to their independence and national sovereignty, it has not happened so far. These people not only need the various statements of solidarity from the world, but also the realization of effective measures to stop the tragedy they are victims of.

In this context, the needs of education, health and leisure, especially for children, are our constant concerns and constitute our reason to work as a Foundation.

Our history

The history goes back to 2000. The year of The Great Jubilee, the Palestinian National Authority and Pope John Paul II, made a call to the international community to cooperate in the restoration project of the holy city of Bethlehem. The Chilean businessmen of Palestinian origin Jose Said, Alberto Kassis and Mario Nazal, who witnessed this instance, felt they could not step aside this important call.

The experience in the land of their origins was so moving that they came back with the conviction to launch a solidarity organization that allows sending permanent humanitarian aid to the Holy Land. At that time they committed to this cause, based on the identity of their people, which since its beginning aims to be a contribution to improving the quality of life of Palestinian families.

Thus, on the July 31, 2001 the Palestinian Belen 2000 Foundation officially came to life.

José Said, Chairman of the Board, emphasizes: “Our motivation was and will always be to unite our efforts, talents and abilities in a collective and coordinated initiative that allows revitalizing our Palestinian essence with its customs, identity and hallmarks. At the same time set, from this little corner of the world, a solidarity bridge with them our brothers.”

Administrative Team

Alexis Sfeir
General Manager
Claudia Sáez
Accounting and Administration
Representative in Palestine
Sofía Farah
Volunteer in USA
Karen Bergholz
Executive Secretary
Social Area and Project Manager
Nicolás Habibe
Marketing Manager
Julio Troncoso
Administrative Junior