Our Work

Our work focuses mainly on humanitarian aid to Palestinian children
and their families in three areas: Education, Health and Recreation.

Although education is a universal right, often Palestinian children are deprived of this inalienable right product of the state of occupation that unfortunately they have to grow up in. According to a UNICEF study (2013), more than 2,500 children go through one to many checkpoints each day to go to school. This situation contributes to school dropout and child labour. Those who do manage to study, do so in precarious conditions, where overcrowding and lack of resources are just some of the main difficulties. This extremely adverse situation is a tremendous concern for the Foundation.

Palestinian children today, which currently represent about 50% of the total population, are the ones who will build the future of the children of tomorrow; contribute to their education means a huge responsibility to generate hope for the Palestinian people.

Thanks to donations from its members, Belen 2000 Foundation jointly with Caritas Jerusalem offers partial education
grants for children in the province of Bethlehem, reaching Bethlehem, Beit Jala and Beit Sahour.

Since 2008 to date, the Belen 2000 Foundation has provided
6,014 scholarships
that include tuition, breakfast and school supplies.
Remember with US $350 we provide a scholarship for a child. We count on you!


“Hello, my name is Chabel, I’m six years old. I like my school. I’m in second grade. Thank you for everything”

Chabel lives with his parents and four siblings. His father is an electrician but takes odd jobs. His mother is a housewife and devotes all of her time taking care of her daughter Domiana, 16 years old, who has a physical disability.
Chabel, who is six years old, wants to be a magician. His brother Anton, who is 9 years old, is a very good student and wants to become a doctor. His sister Donia is 13 years old and wants to study architecture. Unfortunately, this university degree is not available in universities in Bethlehem, and the family cannot afford her studies in another city. And they also have to consider the current risks of traveling between cities in the West Bank. Khader, the oldest brother, is 19 years old and is a sophomore in university, which implies great expenses for the family.
The father mentions how difficult it is to raise a family of five children, without a steady income, especially considering that one of his daughter has a physical disability. Their house is in poor conditions, so lots of repairs have to be done.

In Palestine, there are high rates of child mortality and severe diseases such as cancer. There are several causes associated to these rates -Anemia, food shortages or even severe chronic malnutrition, among others-. Access to health care is very difficult, mainly because of the wall, lack of water, destroyed hospitals, checkpoints, and multiple constraints associated with the occupation. If we add tens of thousands of injured children and some others disabled for life, the health of Palestinians in general, and their children in particular, is a permanent urgency.

Due this context, Belen 2000 Foundation since its establishment, takes the responsibility for this fundamental right and focus its work to the task of developing various health projects. In 2001, facing the upsurge of the conflict in the Middle East, the Foundation organized the trip of five Chilean doctors who, for two intense weeks, conducted multiple emergency treatments and surgical procedures. These medical professionals, along with starting a tremendous humanitarian work, through the years have finalized an invaluable contribution, sending 12 medical missions and more than 1,000 people benefited.

Since 2011, the Foundation began to send medical missions in various specialties that treated more than 546 children and 230 of them had surgeries. During the same period, we fund the travel of three Palestinian children to Chile to received specialized surgery.

Between 2014 and 2015, and due to the crisis of the bombing in Gaza, the transfer of two medical missions that performed surgeries procedures on 60 people and more than 200 were treated. In addition, in 2015, four Chilean doctors trained local workers to use specialized equipment for obstetrics and gynaecology at two hospitals in the West Bank.

Also, as a result of particular campaigns, the Foundation has materialized significant donations into medical equipment and supplies to various hospitals in the Gaza Strip, particularly the European Gaza Hospital.

Remember with $22,000 US we send a medical mission with five specialists.
We count on you!

In all countries, sports, leisure and play have a positive influence in the physical and mental health. Certainly in Palestine, where the limitations are many, this dimension becomes even more important.

Aware that leisure is as important as education and health for children, the Belen 2000 Foundation joined to the project Playgrounds “Al-Bayyara”, promoted by the Bank of Palestine and that includes the design and construction of 300 parks in Palestine.

These parks are designed as safe recreational spaces for children, but also for their parents, thanks to the inclusion of a specially designed corner where they can hang out. Furthermore, they provide jobs to who build the parks and the workers who are responsible for their maintenance.

Al-Bayyana is the Arabic word for orange orchard. For Palestinians, the orchard is more than a property is the family’s sustenance and, therefore, represents not only material gain, but also their spiritual integrity and emotional stability.

Until 2015 14 parks have been implemented and 19 are under construction. So far, the Foundation has contributed with $43,383 US to this important initiative.

Remember with $40,000 US a playground is financed. We count on you!